At R & R Ready Mix, we carry and install all the quality concrete products you could ever need to make your vision for projects come to fruition. Thanks to our state of the industry equipment and the experience of our seasoned specialists, you can depend on us to provide peerless concrete solutions, whatever you might need.

Ready-Mix Concrete

The concrete which residential and commercial projects require need never be dull and gray. With R & R Ready Mix’s ample experience customizing concrete products, we can provide virtually limitless stylistic options that will suit any creative vision.

Admixtures & More

Along with providing concrete, we can also provide other products necessary for your build. Such items include floor drains, expansion joints, anchor bolts, retaining wall blocks, as well as other admixtures for your concrete mixes. Including color! For more information regarding our additional products please contact us.

Another thing to keep in mind, our shop can also provide hoses if your equipment happens to break down. Got a hydraulic leak? We can help!

And don’t forget the rocks! The pictures below show the variety and sizes we carry on hand. Give us a call if you need any, whether it’s for your small summer landscaping project or a major renovation, we can deliver, or you can pick it up at R&R in Miltona.

Miscellaneous blocks on hand, our largest being 2’ x 2’ x 6’

  • Polished Concrete: Thanks to recent innovations in adhesives and polishing techniques, we are able to grind new or existing concrete surfaces until we have given them a high gloss sheen. The attractive result is cost-effective because it will never require waxing.
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete: By placing concrete and then taking the added step of removing the outer layer of cement paste, we uncover the decorative underlying aggregate. The result is an attractive design accent which is certain to add flair to any home or business location.
  • Stained Concrete: We can imbue our newly created concrete surfaces with a variety of stains in order to give them whatever appearance our clients request. The result is long-lasting, and certain to create style wherever concrete can be placed.